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Award-Winning Political Fiction Author


The battle for the fate of humanity is about to begin…


Following a global economic collapse in 2029 that brought governments to their knees, chaos and brutal violence spread across the globe. To fill the power vacuum, huge multinational corporations, backed by wealthy benefactors, seized the reins of power and took over governing the masses.  Nearly fifty years later, the world has returned to an era of prosperity and progress. There is no crime, no unemployment, no homelessness, and no war.


The progress has come at a price. People are nothing more than disposable pawns for corporate machines whose sole purpose is to enrich the elite who trade their shares on the world’s lone stock exchange, Intercorpex. Every employee is constantly monitored, their activities logged, and every sentence they utter dissected for hints of subversion. Most of the world’s population has accepted this as the way of life. Not all of them have.


When terrorists set off an explosion that causes problems with trading on the exchange, it sets a series of events in motion that threatens the very fabric of society. Egos clash as bureaucrats, leaders, and the wealthy elite all play politics in the midst of the greatest threat the new economic system has ever faced. Battle lines are being drawn. Alliances are forming. Power moves are being made. Will an attack on the exchange succeed in bringing society to its knees, or can a last ditch effort save the world from plunging into the darkness of another economic collapse?


Mikael Carlson has jumped into the subject of the corporate state head first and the result is a masterpiece. I loved America Inc. I could not put it down. I loved the writing. I loved the big ideas and the dramatic plot centered around old fashioned concepts like freedom and revolution. Carlson is so good a writer that you don't realize it at first, because you are so deep in the world he has created. Only after you come up for air does it hit you. This book is awesome!


--Reviewed by Ray Simmons for Readers' Favorite




The Black Swan Saga



The First Novel in the Epic Black Swan Saga



In the Ultimate Struggle Between Liberty and Tyranny, Which Side Will You Choose?


AMERICA, INC. is the first novel in the Black Swan Saga. If you enjoy intelligent storytelling with believable characters you can identify with, then you'll love the frantic rush to save the world from another economic collapse in this book you won’t be able to put down.