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Award-Winning Political Fiction Author


“All you need to do to boil an ocean is light the world on fire.”


For the first time in its history, the world’s lone stock exchange has gone offline. Unexplained “aberrant trading behavior” has forced it to shut down, causing panic and confusion around the globe that threatens corporatism as a political and economic system. Now the chief executive officer of America Incorporated and the administrator-general of Intercorpex must instill a new sense of confidence by taking drastic measures to fight against the instability, all while struggling to secure their own positions of power.


In New York, the city is reeling from the violence unleashed following an attempt to eradicate the terrorist threat once and for all. As employees and executives come to grips with the senseless carnage, a summit is scheduled between the world’s most powerful elites in Manhattan. The gathering is the new best hope for reconciliation in an increasingly fractured world…and a tempting target for a splinter cell of Liberteum bent on causing havoc and destruction.


When an unlikely communication tips security forces off to their deadly plan, the race to stop an unthinkable massacre begins. The ensuing manhunt leads to surprising changes in fortune as heroes become villains and are forced to flee for their lives in high-stakes fight for survival. As events spiral out of control, opportunists plot in the shadows to take advantage of the ensuing chaos. The balance of power in the world makes a dramatic shift, leaving only one small beacon of light left to beat back the encroaching darkness.


America, Inc.: Boiling the Ocean is the third installment in the saga of the ultimate struggle between liberty and tyranny. New alliances are forged between former enemies. Nefarious plots are uncovered. Adversaries settle old grudges once and for all. The utopian society ushered in during the Corporate Age is falling apart. Will new leadership in Washington and New York be able to stop the globe from descending into anarchy, or has the march to a new meltdown become unstoppable?





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